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WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive – 8 TB, 128 MB

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The WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive with a capacity of 8TB and a 128MB cache is another model designed by Western Digital specifically for use in surveillance systems. Here are some key details about the WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive with these specifications:

Brand: Western Digital (WD)
Product: WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive
Capacity: 8TB (Terabytes)
Cache Size: 128MB

Key Features:

  • Surveillance-Optimized: WD Purple drives are purpose-built for surveillance systems, and the 8TB model is designed to handle continuous recording and playback, making it suitable for use in security camera systems and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).
  • Large 8TB Capacity: With an 8TB capacity, this drive offers a substantial amount of storage space, making it ideal for larger-scale surveillance setups with multiple cameras and extended retention periods for video footage.
  • Cache Size: The 128MB cache size helps enhance the drive’s performance by providing fast access to frequently accessed data, contributing to smooth video streaming and playback.
  • 24/7 Operation: Surveillance systems often run continuously, and WD Purple drives are engineered for 24/7 use. They feature reliability and durability enhancements to withstand continuous operation.
  • Smooth Video Streaming: These drives are optimized to minimize frame loss and ensure smooth video streaming, which is crucial for capturing and storing surveillance video without interruptions.
  • Advanced Error Handling: WD Purple drives come equipped with advanced error handling features and data integrity safeguards to prevent data loss due to video interruptions or errors.
  • Surveillance-Grade Components: They are built with components designed to withstand the challenges of surveillance environments, including resistance to vibration and extended temperature ranges.

Selecting an 8TB surveillance hard drive, such as the WD Purple 8TB with a 128MB cache, is suitable for medium to large-scale surveillance setups with numerous high-resolution cameras or extended video retention needs. Always verify compatibility with your surveillance equipment before purchasing a hard drive for your system.

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WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive - 8 TB, 128 MB

KShs 28,750.00

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