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Samsung Laptop RAM DDR5 8GB 4800

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  • Brand: Samsung – This indicates that the RAM module is manufactured by Samsung, a well-known and reputable electronics company.
  • Type: DDR5 – This signifies that the RAM module uses DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) technology. DDR5 is the latest generation of DDR RAM and offers improved performance and energy efficiency compared to DDR4. DDR5 RAM is expected to become more widely available as it becomes the standard for new systems.
  • Capacity: 8GB – This specifies the amount of RAM on the module. In this case, it’s 8 gigabytes, which is a moderate amount of RAM suitable for laptops and general computing tasks. The capacity determines how much data the RAM can store and work with simultaneously.
  • Speed: 4800 – This represents the speed of the RAM, measured in megatransfers per second (MT/s). In this case, the RAM operates at a speed of 4800 megatransfers per second. Higher RAM speeds generally result in faster data access and improved system performance.

It’s important to note that for DDR5 RAM to work in a laptop, the laptop’s motherboard and chipset must also support DDR5 technology. As of my last update, DDR5 support was not yet widespread in laptops, but it may have become more common in newer laptop models released after that time.

To determine whether this specific Samsung DDR5 RAM module is compatible with your laptop, you should check your laptop’s technical specifications.

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Samsung Laptop RAM DDR5 8GB 4800

KShs 6,000.00

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