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Lenovo L27e-30 27″ FHD Monitor Raven Black Color – Connectivity

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The Lenovo L27e-30 is a 27-inch FHD (Full High Definition) monitor with a Raven Black color scheme. Here is information about the monitor’s connectivity options:

  • 1.Screen Size: The monitor has a 27-inch screen size, measured diagonally.
  • Resolution: It features a Full HD (FHD) resolution, typically 1920 x 1080 pixels, which provides clear and detailed images.
  • Panel Type: The panel type is not specified in the information provided, but it’s typically an LED-backlit LCD panel, which is common for most modern monitors.
  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate is not mentioned in the provided information. Monitors in this category often have a standard refresh rate of 60Hz.
  • Response Time: The response time is not specified in the provided information. Response time indicates how quickly pixels can change from one color to another and can affect motion blur in fast-paced games and videos.
  • Brightness: The brightness level is not specified, but most monitors in this category have a typical brightness of around 250-300 nits.
  • Color: The monitor comes in a Raven Black color scheme, providing a sleek and professional appearance.
  • Connectivity: The connectivity options for the Lenovo L27e-30 monitor typically include:
  • – HDMI: HDMI ports allow you to connect to various devices, including computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and multimedia players.
  • – VGA: A VGA port for connecting to older computers or devices that use analog video signals.
  • – Audio In/Out: Audio input and output ports for connecting headphones, microphones, or external speakers.
  • VESA Mount Compatibility: Information about VESA mount compatibility is not provided, so it’s unclear whether this monitor can be mounted on a wall or a separate stand.
  • Price: The price of the Lenovo L27e-30 monitor can vary depending on where and when you purchase it. It is often considered a budget-friendly option for those looking for a basic FHD display.
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Lenovo L27e-30 27" FHD Monitor Raven Black Color - Connectivity

KShs 28,750.00

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