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HPE 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Kit

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  • Brand: HPE – This indicates that the RAM module is manufactured by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a company known for its server and enterprise-grade hardware solutions.
  • Capacity: 32GB – This specifies the amount of RAM on the module. In this case, it’s a high-capacity 32 gigabytes of RAM. Such high-capacity RAM modules are commonly used in servers and workstations for handling large amounts of data and running memory-intensive applications.
  • 2Rx4: This is a description of the organization of memory chips on the module. “2Rx4” typically indicates that there are two ranks of memory chips on the module, and each rank has 4 memory chips. The “Rx4” format is commonly used to describe the organization of memory on a RAM module. This configuration can offer high performance in terms of data throughput.
  • PC4-2933Y-R: This part of the description provides additional technical details about the RAM module:
  • – PC4: This indicates that the RAM module uses DDR4 technology, specifically DDR4 Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM). DDR4 is the fourth generation of DDR RAM and is known for its higher data transfer rates and lower power consumption compared to DDR3.
  • – 2933: This represents the speed of the RAM, measured in megatransfers per second (MT/s). In this case, the RAM operates at a speed of 2933 megatransfers per second. This speed affects the RAM’s performance, and higher speeds generally provide faster data access.
  • – Y: The “Y” in the model may have specific meaning in the context of HPE’s RAM modules, such as indicating compatibility or features tailored to HPE servers or systems.
  • – R: The “R” could indicate that this is a registered or buffered memory module. Registered memory is commonly used in servers to help with data stability and reliability, especially when using large amounts of memory.
  • Smart Kit: The “Smart Kit” designation suggests that this RAM module is part of HPE’s Smart Memory product line. Smart Memory often includes additional features, such as error correction and monitoring capabilities, to enhance system reliability and performance.

In summary, the “HPE 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Kit” RAM module is a high-capacity DDR4 memory module produced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It uses DDR4 technology, operates at a speed of 2933MT/s, and is likely designed for use in HPE servers or other enterprise-grade hardware where reliability, performance, and advanced features are essential.

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HPE 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Kit

KShs 65,000.00

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