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Extension module for DPH-150SE/400SE/GE

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The extension module for DPH-150SE/400SE/GE is a device that adds additional functionality and features to compatible IP phones, specifically the DPH-150SE, DPH-400SE, and DPH-GE models. Here are the key features presented in point form:

– Compatibility: The extension module is designed to work with the DPH-150SE, DPH-400SE, and DPH-GE IP phone models. It is specifically tailored to enhance the capabilities of these phones.

– Additional Programmable Keys: The extension module typically adds a set of programmable keys to the IP phone. These keys can be customized to perform various functions such as speed dialing, call transfer, call forwarding, or accessing specific features of the IP phone system.

– Enhanced Call Handling: With the additional programmable keys, the extension module allows for more efficient call handling and management. Users can easily monitor and handle multiple calls or extensions from a single device.

– Expansion Capability: The extension module provides expansion capability to the IP phone system, allowing for scalability and accommodating the needs of growing businesses or users who require additional functionality.

– Easy Installation: The extension module is typically designed for easy installation. It can be attached to the compatible IP phone without the need for complex wiring or configuration.

– Improved Productivity: By providing more programmable keys and enhanced call handling features, the extension module helps improve productivity and efficiency in handling phone calls and communications.

– Seamless Integration: The extension module seamlessly integrates with the compatible IP phone, ensuring a unified user experience and smooth operation.

It’s important to note that the specific features and capabilities of the extension module may vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Extension module for DPH-150SE/400SE/GE – DPH-400EDM

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Extension module for DPH-150SE/400SE/GE

KShs 6,500.00

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