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Anker Nano II 100W

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The Anker Nano II 100W is a high-power GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger produced by Anker. Here are some key points about the charger:

– GaN Technology: The charger utilizes GaN technology, which enables a smaller and more efficient charging device compared to traditional chargers. GaN chargers are known for their high power output and compact size.

– 100W Power Output: The Anker Nano II 100W offers a maximum power output of 100W, allowing you to charge a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. It supports fast charging for compatible devices, delivering power efficiently.

– USB-C Power Delivery: The charger features a USB-C port with Power Delivery technology. This allows for high-speed charging and compatibility with various USB-C devices that support Power Delivery, such as laptops and smartphones.

– Universal Compatibility: The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices that can be charged via USB-C or USB-A ports. It supports different charging protocols to ensure optimal charging speed and compatibility with various devices.

– Compact and Portable: Thanks to the GaN technology, the Anker Nano II 100W is designed to be compact and portable, making it convenient to carry while traveling or on the go. Its small size helps to minimize clutter and optimize space.

– Advanced Safety Features: Anker incorporates advanced safety features into its chargers to protect your devices during charging. These features may include temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more, ensuring the safety of both the charger and your devices.

– Wide Voltage Compatibility: The charger is designed to work with different voltage requirements, making it suitable for use in various countries and regions. It is compatible with both 100-240V AC input voltage, allowing you to use it internationally with the appropriate plug adapters.

– Anker Warranty: The Anker Nano II 100W comes with Anker’s warranty, providing you with customer support and peace of mind for your purchase.

Please note that the specific features and design may vary depending on the exact model and version of the Anker Nano II 100W. It’s always recommended to refer to the official product specifications or contact Anker directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the charger.

Anker Nano II 100W

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Anker Nano II 100W

KShs 8,250.00

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