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Generic Back to Back Cable

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A “back-to-back cable” typically refers to a cable that has connectors on both ends, allowing you to connect two devices directly to each other. These cables are also known as “coupler cables” or “extender cables” and serve various purposes depending on the connectors and the type of devices you’re connecting.

Here are a few examples of back-to-back cables:

  • Ethernet Coupler Cable:
    – Allows you to extend an Ethernet connection by connecting two Ethernet cables together using an RJ45 connector on each end.
  • USB Extender Cable:
    – Extends a USB connection by connecting two USB cables using a USB connector on each end.
  • HDMI Coupler Cable:
    – Connects two HDMI cables together using HDMI connectors on each end, extending the length of the HDMI connection.
  • Serial Port Extension Cable:
    – Extends a serial connection by connecting two serial cables using a serial connector on each end.
  • The specific use and type of back-to-back cable you need will depend on the devices you want to connect and the type of connectors they use (e.g., USB, Ethernet, HDMI, serial, etc.).

If you have a specific type of back-to-back cable or a particular use case in mind, feel free to provide more details, and I can give you more tailored information.

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Generic Back to Back Cable

KShs 500.00

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